Make whether to allow using the archiving labels configurable

As a user writes:

the noarchive label is abused quite often and defeats the purpose of archiving tool

This should be configurable for all archiving labels ("archive", "archive-single", "noarchive" and "noarchive-single", expiry labels should probably be included as well)

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    This feature would be extremely helpful in our organization. We don't want to allow exceptions to the retention part of our governance policy in Confluence. Disallowing users from using this functionality would allow us to ensure content is being archived when not updated for X amount of days

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    Aron Gombas

    UPDATE: We have released the Better Content Archiving app's cloud version just a few weeks ago. It addresses many points criticized in the Data Center version, including also this one.

    (Our plan is that, if there is interest, we will back-port the most valuable changes from the Cloud version to the Data Center one.)

    Statuses in the cloud version are extremely customizable. You can re-configure the default statuses or invent your own statuses, each of them are defined by CQL queries. If the CQL of status "X" matches a content, then this content is in status "X". There is another CQL for each status that is tested on the ancestor to allow inherited statuses:

    That way, you can remove testing the unwanted labels from the CQL and the app will just ignore them.

    🔥 Try this in action now!

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