Track "page view count", not only "last page view date" to measure whether pages are viewed

This is an additional metric we could utilize as a key metric for our purposes.

The current "page view tracking" mechanism only stores the "last view date" as data, and it doesn't count views.
This was a deliberate design decision, because we want to minimize the load on the Confluence server to allow using the plugin on very large Confluence sites without any visible performance drawbacks.

If there is enough interest, we will most definitely review this.

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    Aron Gombas

    Originally posted by Michael Regelin in January, 2015.


    We use archiving plugin to archive page but also sometimes only to show if pages are viewed by users.

    When we dont archive pages we like to know the people how are viewing pages.

    On the content quality screen, when clicking on the statistics.action to be send to the space, it could be nice to have another tab with pages listed and in regard, the number of users who viewed it (absolute value).

    We dont need the username of duplicate time when the same user has visit the page.


    For example:


    Page 1 (255)

    Page 2 (0)

    Page 3 (1211)

       Page 3.1 (12)

          Page 3.1.1 (120)

    Page 4 (1233)


    That gives us a really helpfull hint if pages are popular.


    For us, the viewed / not viewed may not be enough at space level.


    Thanks for your help.



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    Adam Buckingham

    I'm surprised that there are not more requests for this functionality.  It appears to be the only thing missing from quite a useful plugin.

    Is it on the roadmap yet?

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    Jeroen Vis

    My use case is the following:

    We are using Confluence now for more than 10 years and are doing a cleanup. I want to have an overview with all the pages that are not viewed for more than 3/4/5 years so I can clean-up those pages. Currently, when I install the plugin it will only begin to count from today.

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    Levente Szabo

    Hi J Vis!

    Thanks for using Better Content Archiving!

    If I understand your request well then I think it's not relevant for this feature request, but the good news is that there is a way to achieve what you want.

    When you install the app you actually have an option to initialize the Content Event Index, which allows you to do exactly what you are looking to do: set up the last view date for pages we know nothing about.

    Please start reading the Documentation from this part to learn more:

    If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask via our support portal.

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    Aron Gombas

    J Vis, as Levente wrote your problem is not closely related to this feature request.

    (You should start using the app immediately and initialize the view dates by the last edit date. It will give you an acceptable approximation initially and the app will start picking up the precise "last view" dates transparently after you installed it.)

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    Jeroen Vis

    Thanks Levente and Aron for you help! I was directed here by the support department, asking me for a vote on this feature request because it was closely related by my use case. I'm going to try your suggestions!

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    I have this exact same feature request, in order to more effectively track adoption of Confluence across our org (a goal orthogonal to how Better Content Archiving keeps our content fresh). A simple view counter per page and some basic graphs showing aggregated view count data by page tree or space as a time series would be a massive help and avoid the need to install yet another Confluence plugin from another vendor.

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    Matt Keenan

    The Better Archival content already provides data regarding the most recent viewer, however to really determine if content is useful the total number of views should also be taken into account, as such even though a page may not have been viewed in a while, if it was once viewed quite a lot this would indicate that page instead of requiring archival it should actually be updated to more relevant and recent content and therefore become useful again.
    So having a total number of views would be great, and an API for folk to programatically retrieve this data as well.

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