"Mark as uptodate" quick action for pages and page trees - DONE

What I'd like to be able to do is "touch" an entire hierarchy of pages at once instead of individually, to verify that they are still active and should not be archived. 

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    Mano Blaesing

    We use this function for our knowledge database to be up to date with its quality.
    If the page expires the author and space administrator get notified.
    In this case we (or the author/space admin) need a function to set the status of the page back to up-to-date as easy as possible.
    We don't need the function Archiving, the user should be able to see that the content quality is expired or up-to-date. And the author should recognize that the content is one year older. After that the author should have two options: update the content and set the status to up-to-date or the content is still good and set the status to up-to-date.
    It should be trackable who set the last status.

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    Paula Dasch

    We use Archiving plugin to notify authors about page which are not viewed and not edited for one year. The authors should check if they are up-to-date and if necessary set the status of the page as up-to-date.

    Today, they have to do 3 things from out of the notification e-mail: One, Click the link to the page - that does not count as "view", so two, push F5 to set the timestamp for "view", and three, click "edit" and "update" to set the timestamp for "edit".

    I want the "last view date" be updated by the action "mark as up-to-date", too.

    To have such a function if I move a single page or page tree out of the archived space into the active space, to reactivate the content, would be even greater!

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    Aron Gombas

    > Click the link to the page - that does not count as "view", so two, push F5 to set the timestamp for "view",

    Little correction here, Paula.

    You do NOT need the second step. You do NOT need to hit F5.

    In the first step when you view the page, the "last view" timestamp gets updated. But, and this is what confuses you, this update view date is not displayed in the page status bubble, only after viewing the page again!

    Why? It is simple. The system always displays the last view *before* the current one, because if we displayed the current one, then, obviously, the bubble would always show "page viewed just now!" which made the whole feature useless.

    I hope this removes the confusion.

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    Levente Szabo

    Hi Everyone!

    We are getting ready to release a new version of Better Content Archiving that brings great improvements in how you can interact with the app to manually manage a Confluence page's lifecycle. Among others, it will also cover this request for a simple and quick way to mark a page up-to-date.

    Before the official release, I invite you to get an early, pre-release view of this version and try the new quick actions in your test or staging Confluence instance.

    1. Download the app now (Better Content Archiving for Confluence 8.3.0-preview)

    2. Install the downloaded JAR into your test Confluence instance

    3. Try the quick actions and share your experience with me in an email to levente.szabo@midori-global.com!

    I also created a tutorial video to help you be effective in your testing, explaining the most important quick actions. Watch it here!

    Thank you all for your patience and looking forward to your feedback!

    Edited by Levente Szabo
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    Levente Szabo

    I'm happy to announce that Better Content Archiving for Confluence 8.3.0 has been released! Among other things, it's shipped with "quick actions", a set of new features that make it easier to control a page's lifecycle. It also covers this feature request.

    Don't forget to update your app to the latest version, and please read more about this and more improvements of the release in the release notes >>>

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