Export page status reports to Excel/CSV for further analysis and sharing

A user wanted to get CSV for Excel / GoogleDocs purposes:

It's too early in our process for me to assign sections to other supervisors, but as I'm working through old material it would be helpful to be able to separate and share groups of pages (e.g., sending a list of FOOBAR pages to our FOOBAR expert, and then she could indicate in the spreadsheet if a page should be deleted or whatever).

Fields to include: space key, space name, page id, page name, date created and by whom, last edited date and by whom, and a link to the page

(Our note: we may provide some better way for collaborating over these. Exchanging information in CSV may not be the most efficient approach for this, although simplicity has its own merits.)

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    Greg Della-Croce

    The report the Levente requests would be very valuable to us people that are Admins for the whole Wiki.   Having this in CSV format would allow the widest possibility of import into our favorite tool (spreadsheet or Database).   Is this possible to get soon?


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