Initialize page view dates at the plugin's first installation date or treat "unknown view date" in a smarter way

Here is the use case it could solve:

1. Both “Page A” and “Page B” existed prior to the Archive Plugin installation. “Page A” is an active page that gets viewed pretty regularly and “Page B” is an OLD page that hasn’t been viewed for quite some time (a perfect candidate to be archived).

2. The plugin is installed on 10/15/20105 and configured to archive pages that haven’t been viewed in 365 days.

3. A user views “Page A” on 10/15/2015. A record is inserted into the AO_1991C6_PAGE_VIEW table for “Page A”.

4. Neither “Page A” nor “Page B” are ever viewed again. A record is never inserted into the AO_1991C6_PAGE_VIEW table for “Page B”.

5. Fast forward 366 days after the plugin was installed and the scheduled Archive service executes on 10/16/2016.

RESULTS: It finds the record for “Page A” and properly archives it. Even though “Page B” is older and hasn’t been viewed for OVER a year, it does NOT get archived (because it doesn’t have a record in the AO_1991C6_PAGE_VIEW table).

EXPECTED RESULTS: I would expect it to be smart enough to know that “Page B” hasn’t been viewed since prior to the plugin installation and archive it.

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