More visibility to the list of pages that are going to be archived soon

Problem: Relying only on last modifiers, page creators, and space admins to touch/review pages isn't enough. Some of these people have left the company. Additionally, some people filter mail sent by the wiki, consider it spam, and never read it.
Solution: Post a custom banner in a specific wiki space X weeks before it gets archived. The banner would include a Page Tree link to the list of expired candidate pages (for example,*#). Using this banner, anyone viewing the wiki space can touch a page (assuming they have edit access) before it gets archived. The bottleneck of only last modifiers, page owners, and space admins is removed and checking email is not the only form of notification.
One more thing ... to the banner, add a page view counter. It tracks the total number of views of the banner itself and number of clicks on Page Tree List since the banner was posted. When the banner is taken down, the counter resets to zero (or gets saved to a historical store).


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    Saarvaani Vadlamani

    It would be really helpful to see which pages are going to be archived before running the archiving job. I guess adding a filter to the content tools -> page status page to show the pages in each status would make it easier rather than traversing the whole page tree.

    This would really help with spaces with a huge number of pages.

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    Robynn Powell

    Yes, I would also benefit from seeing a list of pending archives in advance. We have 700 spaces/90000 pages.

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    Aron Gombas

    UPDATE: We have released the Better Content Archiving app's cloud version just a few weeks ago. It addresses many points criticized in the Data Center version, including also this one.

    (Our plan is that, if there is interest, we will back-port the most valuable changes from the Cloud version to the Data Center one.)

    In the cloud version, any user (not only admins) has access to the Content Status Overview. It is a report on the pages and blog posts in different statuses. It is available for the whole site (like below) and even for a single space.

    Visiting this report, anyone can view the contents in the "To archive" status before the archival actually happens, then take actions (update, confirm, etc.) if necessary.

    🔥 Try this in action now!

    Edited by Aron Gombas
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