As a user, I want to use clear action links (ex: "Archive") instead of page labels in the web UI and in the notification emails

It should shorten the learning curve, and eliminate errors.

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    Sorin Sbârnea

    I totally agree, the archive option should be easily accessible in order to be used. Even with it visible it would be hard to train people on using it, without it will never work.

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    Steven Pask

    Yep - this is what we need! Due to the size of our organisation and how people currently use Confluence, an archive button or action in the drop down would be great! 

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    Aron Gombas

    A user suggested these actions:

    No Action = Extend the page for however long it has been configured

    Update = Directs the page author to the page edit mode

    Archive = Archives the space.

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    Dorothee Rothfuss-Bastian

    We'd very much appreciate buttons for 'Archive now' or 'Don't Archive now' on the page itself; or archiving options in the ... menue.

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