Allow bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme managed Space Managers as Supervisors for the Archiving Plugin

Customer writes:

"With the bitvoodoo Theme, so called “Space Managers” can be defined. Basically, after configuring which person(s) is/are the Space Managers of a space, their names are being listed in the navigation

For us, these persons are the ones in charge for the Space “Gardening” – they are the Supervisors we would like to automatically inform with the Archiving Plugin."

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    Oliver Burtscher

    This would be a really great feature for us, as all our Spaces are monitored (or should be...) by those Space Managers. To be able to address them directly from within the Achiving Plugin configuration would help a lot. Today, we send the Archive mails to a central mail address in the IT, and someone is forwarding the appropriate parts to the Space Managers manually. As there are different Space Managers per Space (non, one or multiple), the Plugin should be able to read those values per space. We vote for this :-)

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