Do not (or optionally do) copy the space permissions to an archive space

It was triggered by the situation, when someone is using the Move strategy, then the links pointing to the archived pages become valid if the user has space permission to the original space.

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    Sylwia Ganiec

    When the option Hidden is ticked in the Archiving Configuration, the archived space does not keep view permissions for groups copied from an original space.
    It would be only visible for Confluence Administrators and space admins. 

    Reason: people are not likely to check a space name where a currently viewed page is located. They might not be aware that they see an outdated page in an archive space.

    Disadvantage: broken links in an original space directed to an archive space. It should be space admins task to not direct readers to outdated content.

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    Bren Lane

    It would be nice if the space administrator could move those files back into the production environment.  My company only grants Global admin permissions to IS staff, this will be very cumbersome for our Help Desk staff to have to move archive pages for other departments. It seems space administrators should be able to move archived content back if need be.

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    Katharina Alt

    It would be great to have an option to be able to copy all permissions off a fresh space to an archiving space. It would make it much easier and faster to move those pages that were archived mistakenly 

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