Exclude specific users from page view tracking

I would like to exclude my user name from page viewing, because as administrator I often view pages and this registers as a view. Especially with pages that would otherwise get flagged as ready to archive, this affects the results and then changes the status to be ok (eg with a green tick and a 'viewed 1 minute ago' type flag.

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    Rafael Lüder

    I believe I found an answer for my own question (in case someone else Googles for this).

    Under What periods are tracked? it says: The periods when the plugin was not installed are not tracked.

    I just assumed that the plugin would have access to historical data, it makes sense now that only the plugin username shows up on page views.

    It'd be nice for historical data to be added by default, or at least have an option of turning it on during install (assuming User Access Logging in Confluence is already enabled).

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    Discomposed By Me

    most needed feature - if i cant check pages without altering them, the whole plugin makes no sense to me.

    i need to be a ghost !!!

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    Aron Gombas

    Rafael, that's great if you found the answer!

    > It'd be nice for historical data to be added by default

    This is something that will be available in one of the future add-on versions. We plan to offer multiple options (initialize the view date to the last update date of the page, to the current date, or to some other fixed date).

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    Matthew R. Taylor

    Just want to add my need for this too.

    I manage 450 wiki spaces with 25,000+ pages and every time I view a page it resets the pageview count and affects whether that page (and the space as a whole) gets archived.

    If I could exclude myself, or better still the admin group, from contributing to page count that would be great.




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    Rafael Lüder


    I'm giving the Archiving plugin a go to see if it's something my company would like to invest in.

    I noticed that the archive-plugin-admin user is counting towards page views, which defeats the purpose of running the analysis in the first place as it'll show every page it visits as recently visited.

    Am I missing something in the config? Is there a way to filter out the plugin user?


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