Allow using existing spaces as archive spaces

Original request:

we already have a dedicated archive space for each of our space categories, we were
hoping to re-use those.

We have around ~200 spaces in our current installation, so the prospect
of doubling that just to archive content seems a bit awkward.

We were hoping for a configuration option that would allow us to select
a custom archive space from a list of existing spaces, though we
recognize this could cause issues if pages with identical names were
archived from different source spaces to a single archive target.

(Note: there are multiple non-trivial consequences of using a strategy like this.)

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    Laura Sheppard

    This would be helpful for us as well - the archiving tool stopped working on our instance and we had to create temporary archive spaces, so would be useful to be able to have those temp spaces translate over to the actual archive spaces once we get the tool working again. 

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