Add Banner to make it more obvious to users that the page is outdated

This is a concept from the Auto-Wiki-Gardener.


There could be a banner on the outdated pages which shows the users, that it is outdated.

- "This page was not updated since X, and could be outdated"

If the users have the necessary permissions, the can

- "confirm, that the page is still relevant and current"

- "Edit, the page"

- "Archive the page"

and for users that dont have permissions

- "Notify the Author/Last Modifier"

To this notification could be added

- "a proposal what needs to be changed"



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    Levente Szabo


    Giving better visibility into the current status of individual pages (and page trees) is the leading theme for one of the next versions, not too far in the roadmap. Thanks for posting this!

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    Levente Szabo

    This has been implemented in Archiving Plugin 4.3.0, named as page status indicator!

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    André Lundin

    The option of having a banner just like the Auto-Wiki-Gardener-plugin provides, would help a considerably amount.
    Since a lot of people won't notice the page status indicator icon.

    A solution would be a checkbox-setting to either only use the icon combined with the pop-up or to always show the pop-up-info as a banner instead of the icon.

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