Send archiving email to other than the creator and spaceadmin - DONE

On all pages we have an owner. The page isn't necessary owned by the creator of the page or a space admin. Is there any way to get the archiving plugin to send email to to this owner.

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    Brian Dunk

    Yes, we would like to have the ability to direct emails to a single "Confluence Manager".  This would curtail the initial overwhelming number of emails that could potentially be sent to a user.  This would also act as a filter for obviously archivable pages.  These users still need to focus on their primary core duties.

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    Levente Szabo

    Archiving Plugin 4.0.0 introduces the concept of supervisors to implement this.

    Supervisor can be defined separately for "page view alerts", "page expired alerts" and "archiving notifications". They can be selected separately for each space, or utilize global configurations to simplify this.


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