Display configuration settings (disabled) in the space's Archiving Configuration screen when selecting to use a global configuration - DONE

Original request:

> we would have appreciate to see, at the space level, the parameters corresponding
> to the selected global configuration.
> Our space administrators don't have access to the global administration menu of Confluence, so they just see the name of
> the available archiving global configuration but they don't have the ability to see the value set for each parameter.
> A possible solution will be to fill the parameter with the values corresponding to the selected configuration, while
> keeping them disabled.

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    Nariman Riahi

    The global configuration must be visible to Space admins. How else would they know what the values are that are set by the Confluence Admin? 

    Another side effect of this issue is that once Global config is set, changing it does not reflect in the Space Admin page. 

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    Levente Szabo

    It has been resolved in Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.0.0.

    We made multiple smaller changes to make it as intuitive and possible as possible:

    1. The space-scoped configuration screen has a "view" and an "edit" mode.
    2. The "view" mode shows the settings derived from the global configuration.
    3. The "edit" mode hides every input controls that are not relevant when using a global configuration. These are basically everything, but the configuration selector itself.

    Please upgrade to this new plugin version, released just today.

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