PDF export from filtered results in a JIRA Agile (Greenhopper) board - DONE!

Original request:

Is it possible to also access the PDF export from a Jira Agile/Greenhopper screen? Due to a combination of quickfilters, we can very easily and fast create the appropriate filter in a nice view. It would be great if we could also create a .pdf export from it!

This could be accessed via the "Tools" drop down for a collection of issues, or from the "Actions" drop down for a single issue.

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    Leszek Blacha

    I agree with Ferenc. A possibility to print PDFs in the Agile task board view would speed up our process to a great extend.

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    Levente Szabo

    Since JIRA PDF View Plugin 4.0.0 you can export the backlog, a sprint or a board column (also obeying the filters!) to PDF directly from the corresponding view!

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