Mentions should be ignored when archiving a page - DONE

The core problem:

Steps to reproduce:

-Create page with user mentions. 
-Get page archived.

Result: every user mentioned in the original page receives an email notification when the new page is created in the archive space: "... mentioned you on a page".

This is unfortunate. The mention feature should be turned off when pages are archived.

It is not totally trivial to resolve it, as it is not possible to turn off mentions for the time of creating a single comment. 

Confluence User Manual also suggests turning off the "Confluence Mentions Plugin" to bypass this feature:

 It feels a little unsafe for one plugin to disable and re-enable another one, but we will consider implementing it.

(Workaround: if you execute archiving manually, then you could turn on/off the other plugin for yourself.)

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    Lantiq Jira Admin

    One plugin should definitely _not_ disable another plugin! If there is no clean way to copy a page with mentions turned off, then this "feature" probably just has to be lived with. Is there a confluence issue for this improvement?

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    Levente Szabo

    As far as I know, there isn't.

    (Thanks, David.)

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    Levente Szabo

    We are happy to tell that this request has been implemented in Archiving Plugin 4.1.0.

    Not only we "disable" mentions, we also suppress other unwanted notifications (page created, deleted, commented, attachment added, etc.) that are generated by the archiving procedure.

    Please read this section for more details.

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