Conditions combining "last edited" and "last viewed" intervals - DONE

Original request:

We want to archive based both on a last edited interval and a last viewed interval - e.g. A page expires iff

* It has not been edited for 2 years. 
* It has not been viewed for 1 year.

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    Lantiq Jira Admin

    I think this must be obvious, but once it is possible to combine the conditions we also want to see the result reflected in the "Content Quality Statistics" report. That is, the definition of  "Outdated page" should reflect the combined conditions.

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    Roger Sheen

    When implementing this feature you might consider adding a “number of views” threshold so that pages that have been viewed infrequently during a defined time period might still be archived, while those that were viewed very often can be excluded from archiving.

    Perhaps you could extend the current Not viewed for X days option to something like Not viewed more than X times during the last Y days.


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    Levente Szabo

    This feature has been implemented in Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.1.0!

    The rule configurator interface enables selecting the logical operator (AND / OR) to support complex triggers like "if not been updated for N days AND not been viewed for M days", or "if labelled with [archive] OR not been viewed for M days".

    See the related section in the plugin's user manual

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