User-defined custom content section in notification emails (or customizable email templates) - DONE

Original request:

We would like to give users an easy way to get to our own help page. But we don't want to hack the builtin email template. A simple configuration option to provide a link in a prominent place in the email is a good solution.

The idea is to allow entering some custom HTML fragment that is inserted into the email (while rendering its content). 


  1. What should be the scope of it: global or per-space?
  2. Should this be different by email type (expired pages, not-viewed pages, archived pages, skipped pages, etc.)

(Both of these could be handled if the HTML fragment is actually a Velocity template, and the final HTML is rendered with being able to display different texts in different spaces and different email types.)

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    Lantiq Jira Admin

    For our purpose we would just like to insert a link at the global level for all types of notification. (The help page would simply be a statement of our retention policy and the options a user has.)

    But thinking more generally about different use cases it could be a piece of HTML or a Velocity template and you could have the same idea of a global value that can be overriden in a specific space as the tool does for other configuration options.

    I think you have to decide how general to make the mechanism. We can probably live with anything here - except hacking the email template and repacking the jar file;).

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    Roger Sheen

    We are also comfortable editing Velocity templates, but would rather avoid merging our customizations with upstream changes & patching JAR files for each release.

    Our customizations are similar:

    1. We replace the link to the plugin page on the marketplace with a link to internal support resources, and
    2. Remove the suggestion to preserve pages via invisible edits.
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    Beth Borghi

    Voting for this as well so that the verbiage is inline with our retention policy and provide admin contact info for followup questions.

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    Levente Szabo

    Archiving Plugin 4.5.0 has been released yesterday, and it comes with a built-in notification email template editor!

    Just go to Administration -> Archiving -> Notification Emails. (Your changes will be preserved when upgrading the plugin to newer versions, of course.)

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