Export JIRA issues to custom CSV

It'd currently require automating Excel (XSLX to CSV conversion), using a separate converter (Pyhon, Java, etc.) or using an external webservice.

If there is enough interest, we could implement this feature right in the product, eliminating another step from the automation process.

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    Marcos Parrell

    We would like to be able to export using automation to CSV format in order to remove external format conversions.


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    Renaud Staessens

    the same way removing all extra formatting (like hyperlink) without writting a single line of code would be helpful BUT the 2 most important reasons in my opinion are : Combined with automation plugin exporting jira issue to a file is really a killer feature BUT 

    Not all the other product can directly deal with Excel format (csv is widely supported by several product) .So if youcan generate a csv file instead of XLS.

    2nd reason could be size of file as csv file could be of a smaller size and when sending by mail this can make the difference when you have rather restrictive policy of attached file in your organization.




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