Verifying branch names

To enforce naming conventions typically.

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    George Ivanov

    Currently, the rules logic allows us to match commits (in one form or another) against issues. That’s fine, but it doesn’t give us any control of the branches creation.

    In BitBucket, branches are usually created for a particular issue/story, but this add-on cannot restrict this or make it as part of a policy (we could type, “ZZZ-1” as a branch for example, which isn’t a valid issue).

    We currently use another add-on that restricts branches only to a particular workflow (the git workflow), but the problem is, it cannot check for valid issues (only their format) when creating those branches.

    It would be nice if we could have the restriction described above that places a check on branch creation to make sure it is mapped to a valid issue (and their corresponding JQL) only.

    This will give us complete control of what we need to do and we will only use a single add-on through which to enforce our policies.

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