Policy replication / template based policies

If there are many repos that require similar, but not exactly identical policies, it is inconvenient to manually replicate policies. Provide an easy-to-use solution to this problem.

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    George Ivanov

    This feature (with the addition of having the ability to copy/clone rules within a policy as well) will prove immensely useful for complex policies, containing dozens of rules and conditions.

    Having to manually enter (or shift between screens and then cut and paste stuff) is very inconvenient to say the least.

    A good example/use-case to give is that due to another limitation of the plugin (described in #4458 and #2429), we need to create two sets of policies that are broadly similar (one for regular commits and one only for merges).

    As things stand, the only way to do that is with shifting between two browser screens/tabs and cut and paste each and every rule's input field between the two policies (they have about 42 rules each!), which is a labourious task.

    The sooner this feature gets developed and released, the better.

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