Automatically accept any commit (at merges) that was previously accepted - DONE!

It solves an annoying problem.

Requested in #2092

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    Andreas Lof

    We have a workflow that revolves heavily around feature branches and merges, with both longstanding feature branches and shorter feature branches.

    At the time of a commit we demand that each commit is against a ticket assigned to the author which is unresolved. However, after a branch has been merged, those tickets are closed. Any user who is trying to push a branch that contains someone else's previously resolved commits would fall afoul of these rules even though those commits would have been validated in the past.

    The lack of this feature stops us from accommodating this type of workflow and is a firm blocker from adopting the plugin as a part of our development process.

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    Michal Komolowski

    Sometimes different team work on part of the code , issues are already close , users are gone and push are impossible with certain rules.

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    Ferenc Nagy

    We are happy to announce that the automatic acceptance of previously accepted commits is now possible since Commit Policy Plugin for Jira 3.0.0!

    Update your add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace and read more about what's new in the latest release in the release notes.

    Thanks everyone for your continued interest and patience!

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