Archiving Plugin for Confluence 5.2.0 released: confluence 6 compatibility plus bugfixes

Midori is happy to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 5.2.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

This version is a compatibility release for Confluence 6 with additional minor bugfixes.

Differences due to collaborative editing

Confluence 6 introduced collaborative editing. The only difference it means for the Archiving Plugin is that any "partial page update" will update the last update timestamp of the edited page. In other words, when any of the users editing the same page at the same time saves his/her "partial" changes, that will make the page current. From that point, everything works just as in previous add-on versions.


  • Fixed: Page titles in page lists (like "expired pages") overlap with the page icons
  • Fixed: When archiving page comments, certain "mentions" result in unwanted mail notifications
  • Fixed: "Archiving" and "Archiving configuration" tabs are displayed in archive spaces


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