Allow Confluence admins to globally restrict the available actors and access of space admins to space archiving configuration - DONE!

"We noticed space admins can select any user from confluence-administrators group as 'Actor'. We would like to check if there's any way in global configuration that we can lock only this setting and set a given user as default."

Also, users want to revoke access to space archiving configurations from space admins in certain cases.

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    Rodrigo Martins

    Our use case is that it doesn't make much sense allowing Space Admins to select any user from confluence-administrators group. If a given user select my name, as example, all the history and pages for an archive space will be related to me?

    We currently have +500 spaces and growing, it's quite difficult to trust each space admin.

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    Aron Gombas

    Better Content Archiving 8.2.0 has just been released!

    It comes with the "trusted group" feature that restricts changing archiving configuration to a configurable Confluence group!


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