Support for Multiple Filter Charts Gadget

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    Please implement this request as we required it for reporting to upper management.

    Our upper management prefers to look at excel sheets / pdfs over the JIRA dashboard (as they just want to see very simple numbers and information).

    This will allow our company to export these charts into a pdf along with all the other data which will be very helpful to our management.


    Thank you in advance!


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    S Morris

    This issue is also causing us some pain. We often use the multiple charts gadget on dashboards. At the moment we can't export any of these dashboards.

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    Ivy Clark

    Yes please. We're trialing your product and use multiple filter bar charts and line charts on many dashboards, along with other gadgets. At this point the export to pdf works for the standard gadgets but not this one, and it shows an error message instead.

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