Automatically combine result Excel files

As a user, I want to export more than 1000 issues by automatically combining different exports into one file, so I don't have to change the Jira configuration.

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    Caio Camargo

    Use case (see Request #3961):

    In the IT in our organization they consider to be a best practice to not change JIRA's configuration.

    Atlassian also writes "This is an intentional limitation on JIRA applications to avoid performance-related issues such as an OutOfMemoryException."

    Nevertheless, we need a practical solution for by-passing this limitation because we use Better Excel for dealing with a large amount of issues and also generating KPIs.

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    Andreas Morgner

    Is there any known workaround for the limit? I've manually created a python script that collects all the data via REST and pushes the pagination resulting into an excel file. But since this solution is running locally it's depending on my personal machine which is not the best practice and even not handy for the users at all. 

    Just for the notice, our customers system handling 59152 Jira issues for the current year. Creating all this reports manually is not an acceptable workaround for the customer. So for any reporting/KPI purposes, even the monthly reporting is way over   the limit and creates effort every month. 

    Hopefully and looking forward to hear any updates on this topic.

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    Aron Gombas

    Andreas, I'm sorry, I could understand parts of your story, but not everything.

    Could you please open a ticket for that?

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