Partly rewrite the content of archived pages while archiving

The app already filters the labels while archiving pages to avoid unwanted side-effects.

Similarly, there are pieces of content in the page body that should be removed (or replaced with a specific block of text) for similar reasons.

For example:

"When Pages with Calendars ( Confluence Team Calendars) gets archived and someone adds an event on the calendar a notification is sent to the archiving user." 

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    Our usecase was that we run the archiving job regulary and apparently it catched some pages where a calendar was first added. Since the notification is sent to the archiving user which is our distribution list we got spammed from people adding events to their calendar (which is on this page). 

    This is why I asked that. I think it will be easier to filter it on the archiving job itself than on checking every archived page after every archiving job run.

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    Roger Sheen

    In this case, it would be very helpful to either remove the calendar from the archived page copy (perhaps replacing it with a message that links to the calendar it previously included), or to unsubscribe the archiving user from subsequent updates to that calendar or the archived page, rather than continuing to "watch" for changes.

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