Ability to import/export multiple templates and views

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    My company is using the Jira PDF View Plugin in a Jira company instance.

    Our general requirements are as follows:
    - Around 70 different pdfs to export (each consisting of one or more template files)
    - 3 different Jira environments (development, staging, production)

    Since copy-pasting all theses templates after their creation from one environment to another is quite time-consuming and also very error-prone, we were wondering if there is a way to automate the template creation in Jira?

    According to the Midori support there is not, but one can use database dumps to copy templates and views from one environment to another, once they have been created in the first environment.

    That helps a little. However, the creation of templates remains quite cumbersome - especially if you create the templates as part of a project under version control and in an external IDE, like we do. Given these conditions, we have to copy-paste every change from our project to Jira, which again is very error-prone.

    And if one were to create the templates directly in the PDF View Plugin, they would also miss out on advantages like syntax highlighting or code completion - apart from version control.

    My company therefore requests this feature for importing and exporting multiple templates and views at once. Given that, we could create or edit templates respectively views within our version-controlled project in our IDE and then import them in all Jira environments at once, removing the need for using above-mentioned database dumps. This would really be of great help to us. And we think that other Midori customers could benefit a lot from it, as well.

    As a suggestion for the feature implementation: It might use a zip-file, including all templates as .vm- respectively .groovy-files and all views as json-files.


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