Support for verifying changes made in Bitbucket's built-in editor

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    YooRim Won

    If someone enters the wrong "issue key" in the commit message of bitbucket or "commit" without entering the "issue key", we want show warning message and restrict "commit" in Bitbucket.

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    Aron Gombas

    Quick update: we tried to solve this in the 4.2.0 app version.

    Unfortunately, when a hook rejects a change made through the built-in editor, Bitbucket wants the user to create a new branch for his changes and also a PR from that branch to the branch where the file was originally opened from for editing.

    This is because Bitbucket expects that the only reason for the rejection is the lack of the "write" permission on the target branch. This is, obviously, a wrong assumption.

    We already reported this to Atlassian, hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then, we decided not to release this feature as the UX and the interaction is really awkward.

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