Automatically update default templates/scripts/views, but do not delete custom ones

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    Richard Burstiner

    We had fallen behind in updates to the templates and the most recent Atlassian updates required us to also update all of our add-ons. This caused us to have issues with Excel exports as the Atlassian products changed their codebase and Midori did a great job of updating their templates but we did not manually update ours. It is not easy to keep up with all of the updates that addon vendors post and remember to follow up with the extra required steps for each. Once we hit the Update button and reindex, it is often forgotten that extra steps are required for us to update any templates and views.

    It would be very helpful if the Update also updated any out-of-the-box templates so that the templates are updated to the latest versions (which may include bug fixes and new features). This will also help us keep in step with Atlassian upgrades as well.

    If we run the "reset to default" option, the tool will throw out any customizations we have built. It would be more beneficial if the tool simply either ignore our customizations or disable them with a flag for us to review them as the codebases may have changed which could break our customized reports.

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