Disallow excluding pages from the lifecycle tracking

Requester writes:

"This tool was implemented because our use case is to force archive the content based on X time (our POC config). We educated our testing users and test spaces to go and update content based on a CQL (N days update). The process is specific that if they dont manually update, the content will get archived."

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    Mike Rood

    This feature would be incredibly useful as many companies have retention policies that require content to be removed by X time unedited/used. This tool has been implemented to allow for a "soft delete" via move-archive, but because users have the ability to opt-out, another tool will be required to remove the labels. This becomes more complicated and can cause issues if/when something breaks. I hope this feature request will be added as it has become a critical need for our instances. 

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    Stella Schneider

    I would also like it, if it would be possible to configure who is allowed to exclude pages from the tracking. Because in our use case it would be great if only admins could exclude pages and not users. 

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    Lisa Voisin

    Yes, I'd like to see this locked to admins only being able to exclude pages, not site visitors.


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