Support for QR codes

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    Rob Mosher

    Adding support for QR Codes in the Cloud version of Better PDF Exporter would, by nature of adding QR Codes to the PDF files we generate, better automate our physical workflows by allowing staff to 'scan' the bundled work unit QR code and change job status and assignee (etc) in the mobile app version of Jira (Jira Cloud).

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    Ben van den Berg

    Yes, please add the QR code support - PLEASE! I am in dire need of this functionality for the CLOUD platform.

    It is already available for the server platform, please make it available for the CLOUD platform as well!

    Edited by Ben van den Berg
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    Jonathan De Bondt

    Yes, please!


    I am in dire need of this feature so that we can create RMA documents from the ticket information retrieved from our customers RMA requests.


    And maybe add bar codes support too!

    Edited by Jonathan De Bondt
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