Search for duplicate and similar content across spaces

"Our thoughts are more centered on the pages with content that are exactly the same or similar in content.

The content archiving tool could run on an off-core hours basis looking for duplication across multiple confluence spaces (think project teams) notifying the space admins of this duplicate effort.

This is very similar to a plagiarism checker technology ( without the concern for plagiarism."

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    Dale Wolfe

    The business benefit is to reduce duplication and have single sources of truth for all phases/types of documentation.

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    Kathryn Reddie

    My workplace has a workforce spread across Australia, with processes that flow from one business area to another, across Confluence spaces.

    This has lead to content being created in different spaces with almost identical instructions on how to perform a process.  Some users have even created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for their line of work in their personal space.

    We now have something like 26,000 pages in Confluence, much of which is duplicated.  As an example, I searched for content on a single process, and found :

    1. 6 SOPs,
    2. All 6 SOPs are 'current'.
    3. All 6 SOPs are being updated by various business lines.
    4. All 6 SOPs have slight differences in process, with no single source of truth. 

    This has created quite the administrative nightmare. 

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