Exports directly from the Tempo Timesheet Cloud screens

Although support for Tempo Cloud has been shipped in Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud 1.1.0, you cannot start exports from Tempo Cloud screens directly, because those cannot be extended by third-party external actions.


  1. Please vote on this request on the Tempo feature ideas portal.
    Leave a comment explaining your use case and its impact on your team's work.
    The more votes and comments this feature request receives, the higher probability it will be implemented.
    Voting and commenting takes only 2 minutes of your time, and it also makes sure you will get notified when there is an update.
  2. Although the Tempo feature request must be solved first, we use this topic to collect feedback and interest on our side. Vote for this by clicking the "thumbs-up" icon, add your use case as a comment and click "Follow". All future updates on this story will be posted there.
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