Support Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Cloud

Similar to what's available on Server/DC.

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    Alan Kelly

    This is something we would very much like to see. It's important for us to be able to print out the contents of the tables contained in Tabel Grid Next Generation, from within our JIRA ticket

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    Thomas Austin Hefty

    We are getting rid of table grid until PDF exporter can successfully export the table into a PDF. We would use this table to enter tested values such as voltages or pressures instead of recording them in the comments which can get lost easily if there are many conversations.

    We highly recommend to support this as it is on the server edition.

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    Darryl Lee

    Like Alan and Thomas, we would really like to get Table Grids *out* of JIRA somehow.

    META-INF, the makers of "Email This Issue" have said that they don't see that they will support this in the near future. So this is a perfect market opportunity for Midori.

    Thank you!

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