Allow Space Admins to create the Archive space when running the archiving job the first time

Circumvent the Confluence permissions that prevent Space Admins (in lack of "create space permission") to run the archiving job the first time.

Customers think that space administrators should be able to create the archive space for their space, even if they don't have permission to create spaces generally.

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    We're operating a two tier administrative model in Confluence where Confluence admins are responsible for the wellbeing of the application and handle global objects whereas space administrators essentially have free reign to configure their space and the content therein. Because of this, Confluence admins are responsible for creating spaces, but once a space is created, most of the responsibility to manage that space is on the space administrator.

    Our usage of the Better Content Archiving plugin puts most of the onus on space administrators to manage how they want to archive their spaces. However, as they don't have the ability to create spaces, they're inhibited when they first try to archive, as the archived space isn't automatically created for them.

    I understand opening permissions this way is a security concern, as in your documentation you have the following: "If, however, the archive space does not exist yet (because there was no page archived yet from this fresh space), then the create space global permission is also required. This secondary check prevents users without the create space permission from creating the archive space and then using that for other purposes." That concern is already present (if in a mitigated form) because of the scheduled lifecycle job. Because of that job, any user who can label a page can essentially create a space by marking a page as archived. This problem is somewhat mitigated as the user will have to wait for the job to execute, but the space will be created nonetheless.

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