Preserve the metadata added with the Metadata Confluence app to the pages when those are archived

Add the page status information - provided by Better Content Archiving - to the Metadata fields, by consuming the CARCH API.

Also, keep the Metadata provided information when the page is archived.

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    Dirk Disch

    We from SICK AG ( would highly appreciate this feature. We use metadata in our spaces a lot and they contain valueable information. E.g.:

    • Persons who worked with this page / project
    • Groups / Department who worked with this page / project
    • Products assigned to this page / project
    • Minutes metadata like location, date, etc.
    • and many more

    Currently we loose this information when archiving a page, so that we are partly not able to retrace the needed information from archive. Nor do we have the possibility to restore those information somehow.

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