Support exporting from the Jira Service Management Cloud customer portal screen

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    Tomàs Reverter

    We have users of the Cloud that wants to export and save it's tickets PDF format, so it will be very useful if the feature it's available from the Portal View

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    František Špaček

    This would come handy for both Excel and PDF exports.

    The reason why it is more important on Cloud than Server/DC is that we are not able to simply change how does cloud portal look like, it does not allow us to show custom field in "My Requests" and so on. Which is not standard DC functionality either, but you are still able to modify it pretty easily with custom plugin/ScriptRunner or other resources.


    Having customer able to download Excel and/or PDF report on one click and seeing all possible data (which he can see inside each ticket anyway) would make the customers happy.

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