Configuration option to hide the generated export buttons

As a Jira admin, I'd like to hide the export buttons from the board columns without the workaround of adding custom CSS to the banner, so other Jira admins won't mistakenly remove that while editing the banner.

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    Gustavo Leite de Mendonça Chaves

    That would be very good. As a Jira admin I've got complains about how those export buttons can make the column titles unreadable when one has too many columns in a board. The titles can become so drastically abbreviated that one cannot understand them anymore.

    I would argue that in this particular context (agile board column titles) the export buttons aren't that useful so that balancing the pros and cons of having them I would prefer to have them disabled.

    As you noted, using the Announcement Banner for that is fragile because one can easily make mistakes there and render Jira inaccessible. (Been there, done that! :-))


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    Peter Illig

    The button even appears if no values are selectable. From my point of view, this is a bug. It should be fixed.

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    John Hastings-Kimball

    i agree with both Gustavo and Peter - Arguably, better handling for empty dropdowns might be all you need to do. I may get to a point where i do want the Export on Boards but only for certain individuals. Testing for an empty dropdown and removing it would allow us to mange the apeparance/non-appearance of the buttons directly from the PDF Views interface (which is what i thought it was doing already!)

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