Support for the ProForma app ("Proforma: Forms & Checklist")

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    Soporte SIT

    It would be interesting to be able to print fields / values from other plugins or model tables.

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    Nita Brumbaugh

    Would like to be able to export a Atlassian proforma form into a PDF or other extension with a send email action through Automation for Jira.

    This would be so helpful and efficient to have this be able to be done automatically through a jira rule instead of manually exporting the proforma form to a pdf and then manually emailing.

    Was looking at Better PDF tool to do this, but was informed by Midori Support that there is no proforma integration with this tool. Very disappointing to not be able to send an email with all the issue information not only from Jira automation, but Better PDF.   

    Thank you for the consideration of this enhancement!


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