Make the user who triggered the automation action available for the templates

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    Patrick Alexander

    Hi There,

    we use PDF Add-ons to create letters from JIRA. The PDF is created during a transition. An event is fired at the transition. This is evaluated by the Automation Add-on and the PDF is attached to the ticket.

    Unfortunately, as the author of the PDF (that should be the sender of the letter), we then receive the user who is stored in the Automation Add-on as the actor of the rule.

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    Aron Gombas

    A small update on this: although the request absolutely makes sense, this cannot be delivered due to a limitation in Automation for Jira.

    During the execution of an automation rule, it is not know who was the user who "triggered" that automation rule. It's always the actor who the action is being executed on behalf of.

    I'm sure Atlassian get rid of the limitation somehow, but we investigated this recently, and the limitation is still in place.


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    Patrick Jonas

    Upstreaming vote 

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