Support for more flexible custom field expressions and for smart values

For example:
As a user, I'd like to use an expression in the "To" field of the "Send PDF" action which gets the email addresses of users set in a "multi user picker" custom field.

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    Tom Hudgins

    Yes, I would very much like this feature!

    Also, in automation rules, I'd like to be able to access template variables that have been #set in the template file. That way, anything that can't be expressed from a field can be built inside the template and then accessed in a rule. That would solve the need for more flexible custom field expressions.

    Additionally, it would be nice to support Automation Rule "smart value" expressions such as {{issue.key}} or {{issue.user picker field.emailAddress}} or any of the vast array of smart value expressions available in core automation rule actions.

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    Александр Шабельский

    +1 to support Automation Rule "smart value" (SV) expressions OR impliment functions SV in Better Excel Automation like work with datetime - {{now.minusMonths(1).jiraDate}} 


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