Exporting detailed approval information from the Approvals tab of te Activity section

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    Tony Mackin

    Our teams which frequently deal with auditors,  like to give the auditors PDF of Jira Service Desk issue they can review  instead of giving them live access to the Issues themselves.     Today the auditors and our teams have to sift thru the issue history entries in the PDF Export to see when an Issue was approved/rejected.  

    It will simplify thing greatly,  and increase the value-add off your PDF Better Exporter Tool if the PDF stated who approved each status and when.

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    Gerson Santos

    Our processes in JIRA are exported at the end with all the details and history to be saved on the records management system for auditing purposes in the future and compliance. We need the history of the approvals from the activity section, that includes who approved, timestamp and transition in the exported PDF, similar to how the comments are displayed.

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    Brian Ho

    Did any of you get a solution worked out?

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