Report of pages without content owners

As an admin, I'd like to to see all pages without content owner(s) so it becomes easier to make progress on filling this role. This should also include pages assigned to inactive users as 'not having a content owner'.

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    Ian Whalen

    Thanks for filing this!  Hopefully this feature request is fairly self-explanatory, but to add some further details:

    The 'content owner' feature is great, but only to the extent to which we actually use it.  Part of using it will be efficiently identifying 'unowned' content and filling in an owner.  Having a single location that shows unowned content will aid users when they first install this plugin as well as doing grooming to find newly-added, unowned content.

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    Eugene Belak

    I'd also like to show my desire for this sort of feature. I'd like to be able to see a list of pages that a user owns directly from their profile or through some "page ownership" report. We're concerned that if someone's account is deactivated that we won't know which pages they own in order to transfer ownership to someone else.

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