Add a new, visibly marked lifecycle state for "draft" content

Users would like to extend the functionality of Better Content Archiving by adding a new option to visually mark Confluence pages in "draft" state.

An example use cause:

Our users want a visual difference between different article/space states
- draft : aka. "just an idea", "not currently in production". "WIP"
- normal/"released" - normal pages
- archived - obsolete information, useful for historical reference, no longer current.

People creating content that needs to be agreed/discussed can have a look and feel that is noticeably different from an approved article. A simple "draft" label isn't visual enough - especially as they only appear at the very end of the article. It would however be rather useful if a simple "draft" label completely changed the look of the whole article. (e.g. watermark as "draft", and say a pale blue "paper" background).

The "release" process would simply be to remove the "draft" label

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    Graham Foster

    Any progress on this idea please?

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    Levente Szabo

    Hi Graham,

    I can't share any news on the release date of this idea.
    There are a number of other improvements the product team is currently preoccupied with so it's not in the top part of our roadmap. Please also note that this suggestion is actually something that does not belong to the core features of the app and is considered an extension of features. As a result of the above circumstances, it will take longer to prioritize this.

    We count on your continued patience and we will communicate here if there are any updates.


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