Policy should provide an "all rule types" or "at least one rule type" selector

Use case: "to have a rule so that either the Branch name OR the Commit message have a Jira Issue key referenced".

This is not the same as https://midori.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/235796888-Policy-should-provide-an-all-rules-or-at-least-one-rule-selector because the referenced feature request is about providing a selector per rule type (tag, branch, commit), while this feature request is about providing a selector per policy, for the groups of rule types.

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    Jon Burns

    This is EXACTLY what I would like to see.  If the overarching branch already references the Jira Issue key, I do not want to require developers to also provide the issue key.  But if a branch does not already reference an issue key, the commit should require it.

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