Support for PDF forms

Users would like to utilize the Adobe PDF form building feature and populate form fields from Jira issues.

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    Wendy Adams

    We have a 'formal notice' type of document that we want to send back to the submitter of an issue request. It has form fields that relate to certain details or demographics of the ticket, and a text field for notifying them of the specific 'decision' (or resolution) of the issue.  We already have a 'home-grown' plugin that can accept a PDF document as input and parse data from its form fields, so this would be sort of the reverse of that operation.  That plugin is also capable of attaching the uploaded PDF to the issue being updated.  We also have a different plugin that uses a VM template to build a 'narrative' based on the details that were parsed/imported, and allows user to edit before saving (either in a text block field or as a comment).  I'm hoping to merge these two functionalities and populate our 'formal notice' document with ID info in several fixed fields, and use a Velocity template to build the 'body' paragraph(s) before saving/attaching the PDF to the issue.

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