Show tooltip for alternative ways to discuss a page - DONE

The way how the current "Discuss" quick action sends an email is not sufficient for all users. There are alternative ways to discuss a page more interactively, like @commenting on a page, copying the page URL, and sending it in a chat message or email. 

When users select the "Discuss" quick action, display a clear description of how that will work and show a tooltip for these alternative ways for starting a discussion.

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    Aron Gombas


    The "Discuss" action was improved in multiple ways in the 9.1.0 version:

    1. You can add the page owners to the recipients with one click.
    2. The email itself shows all participants of the discussion.
    3. You can "reply all" to the email and all other users in that discussion will receive the reply, enabling a real continuous discussion about the content.

    Learn more about these improvements in the release notes.

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    Klara Sommermann

    Hi Levente, thank you for adding this feature request, I think a tooltip could be super useful!

    Two additions to that: 

    - I think using the 'Share' feature in Confluence also works pretty well to discuss something, because Confluence manages to send any replies to the user's company email address, so you can discuss back and forth via email. 

    - As a plus, it might be cool to allow for custom tooltips, so users can adjust them to fit their company communications guidelines. 

    Thanks again!



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