Initialize the archive space's homepage from a user defined template


"We would like to use a default layout for the home page of every archive space. The template should be automatically used when a new archive space is created. In our view it could work similar to the Atlassian default space (system) template used when a new site space is created."

"We want a replica of "normal" parent pages, but we do not necessarily want a replica of the space's homepage, or rather, we don't want to use this replica as the homepage of the archived space. We would prefer to have a homepage for archived spaces that always has the same layout: a big search field for the archived space and a set of tips on how to deal with archived spaces, e.g. how to launch a full text search."

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    Michael Jerista

    Like this a lot. +1.

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    Dorothee Rothfuss-Bastian

    That's exactly what we need. 

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