Support for Zephyr for Jira Cloud

Allow exporting data from this app:


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    Jaroslav Padik

    Yeah, I'm here for the same reason. It's a big shame that it's not working on Cloud. I couldn't find any other solution.

    Please include this in your next update.

    Thank you

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    Jonathan Argue

    The only reason I was considering the purchase of the Better PDF add-on was the ability to get around an issue with Zephry for Jira Cloud and not being able to export an entire test case (including test steps).

    I was initially encouraged by what I saw as far Better PDF exporting test cases from Jira Server and had assumed that the Cloud version would also be able to do that, much to my disappointment!

    Please consider implementing this.

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    Michael Michaelsen

    The support Zephyr for Jira Cloud was one of the condition for purchasing Better PDF. Without this, we will not use this solution. I will now revert to my home made export stuff based on JIRA api - or/and look for another tool.

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